Here is some books I have written. Most of them about plant identification and taxonomy. Some of them you can download for free and some can be purchased by order.

Flora Jakarta: Daftar Awal Jenis-Jenis Tumbuhan Berbiji

Year: 2019
Publisher: Yayasan Generasi Biologi Indonesia

Wendy A. Mustaqim
Immanuela P.D.R. Panggabean
Afiatry Putrika

A checklist of plants in Jakarta Capital Region, only for spermatophytes.

A Field Guide to the Potential Plants of Belitung Islands

Year: 2019
Publisher: IPB Press

Yohana C. Sulistyaningsih
Nina R. Djuita
Nunik S. Ariyanti
Hirmas F. Putra
Yulian Fakhrurrozi
Wendy A. Mustaqim

An illustrated guide to selected plants of Belitung Islands.